Why Should You Service Your Used Car Regularly?

Used cars are great! If you get a good pre owned cars at a low price, its even better! But should you service them like how you service a new car? The answer is a big loud Yes!
New or Old, it’s your car now and you must take good care of it. Servicing your car in regular intervals comes with benefits that you wouldn’t have thought about! We’ve listed down 5 main reasons on why you must service your 2nd hand cars regularly.

Increased Safety

Car Safety

There is nothing more important to you than your life when you drive. Periodic servicing ensures that your car is safe for use. Your wheel alignments, tyre pressure, essential oil replacement and more are all taken care of during car service. These take care of most of the common issues that may pop-up when you drive your car. Good servicing also keeps you aware of the other potential issues that may appear soon and how to altogether avoid them or fix them in a timely manner.

Lesser Running Cost

Bought a used car to avoid the cash burden of a new car? Good News! Regular servicing helps you attain less running cost by identifying and fixing potential issues before it becomes a fully blown issue. Since lubrication for parts is done right once a while, you can expect smooth functioning of the car in all roads, giving you longer life for all parts.

Better Fuel Efficiency

A car running smoothly comes with many added advantages such as increased fuel efficiency. Lubrication assures reduced friction in the engine parts, giving you maximum output from the engine. It is said that regular engine tune-up can improve your fuel efficiency by a small percent. Fuel efficiency also depends on small factors such as tyre pressure, clogs in exhaust and wheel alignment, which get checked and corrected (if required) during a car service.

Increases Car’s Life

How long will it last? This is a concern that may constantly latch on to you wherever you go when you buy a used car. Gladly, regular servicing may just be your solution to this problem. Increased performance plus reduced malfunctioning maximizes the life you can get out of your used car. Not just from the engine perspective, the tyres, the batteries and other accessories too get a boost in life helping you economically as well.

Gives You Higher Re-sale Value

With lesser depreciation value, you will not lose too much money if you decide to re-sell your pre-owned cars as a second user. Adequate car servicing helps you gain more! Like how you did, a potential buyer will look for good condition cars, which offer good performance. If you opt for regular car servicing, you will eventually land up with both, without spending much for the same when you try to sell your car. Also, if you have done your car service at manufacturer’s service centres, you can show the service records to boast how well you have maintained the car all these years.

You look for great benefits while you buy a used car. Now its your time to maintain those benefits and use it to the full potential. As simple as it may sound, servicing your used car at regular intervals helps you attain hassle-free, economically friendly drives. As another boost, it helps get a better profit to re-sell used cars for the dealers.

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