Why Should We Buy Used BS6 Cars & Used BS6 Two-Wheelers

The increase of greenhouse gases has contributed much to the global climate change. This has posed a serious threat to our health and to the environment upon which our economy depends on.

Transportation industry generates the largest share of greenhouse gases. Notably, 24% of all direct CO2 emissions from fuel combustion are due to transportation—international energy agency.

In-order to regulate these emissions, Governments have established Emission Standards which set limits on the emission of pollutants released into the atmosphere by the transportation industry. Bharat Stage-VI (BS6) is the current emission standard implemented across India for vehicles.

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The earlier versions of Indian emission standards are as follows:

  • BS-I or India 2000 – launched in 2000
  • BS-II – launched in 2005
  • BS-III – launched in 2010
  • BS-IV – launched in 2017

BS V was not implemented as by that time, European emission norms (based on which Indian norms are set) were already at Stage Six.

The Central Government mandated BS6 nationwide from April 1, 2020. Vehicle manufacturers are allowed to only manufacture, sell and register only BS6 vehicles from April 1, 2020.

Permissible Emission levels of BS6 vehicles are tabulated below:

Pollutant gas limitlight-duty vehicles (Petrol)Two-wheelerslight-duty vehicles (Diesel)
Carbon Monoxide (g/km)110.5
Hydrocarbon HC (g/km)0.10.1
Nitrogen Oxide NOx (g/km)
Particulate Matter PM (g/km)0.00450.00450.0045
HC+NOx (g/km)0.0680.17

Now that we are familiar with BS6, let us go through some advantages of owning a used BS6 Car.

Environment Friendly Drive – The levels of harmful pollutants are brought down in all BS6 vehicles, thus making your drive eco-friendlier. You are contributing to the environment by owning a BS6 vehicle.

Refined Engines – You can be rest assured that you are using the most refined engine with superior manufacturing. BS6 engines use fuel-injection technology. This results in better fuel efficiency and throttle response.

Enriched Features – If you are eyeing on a used BS6 Car, you are looking at a car that is only about a year old. These come with the most enriched features available in the market. Rest assured, these car features will last a while and will not get outdated soon. Gaadi Bazaar lists many models of BS6 used cars for your ease. With accurate car valuation, you do not need to shell out more than what’s required.

More Convenient Features – BS6 cars also come with few more features which are convenient for the user. Advanced OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) system ensures optimum combustion in the engine. AHO (Auto Headlight On), as the name suggests, ensures the headlights are on at all times, providing additional safety.

BS6 cars are costlier than the BS4 car of the same model due to these advantages. But you can get a used BS6 car at the same or lower price as the car model’s BS4 car.

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