What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

Colour speaks style, attitude and personality. Cars have become so important in our lives that the colour of your car gives away your personality.

When it comes to choosing car colours, one set is adamant and will wait the course of time to have their car in the choice of their colour. The other set (impatient one) will go with whatever colour is available in the showroom to cut short the waiting period.

This blog gives a reflection of the personality of the former set who waited to choose their colour. Nevertheless, this blog will give you an idea of what people think of you with respect to the colour of car you drive.

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White cars are most preferred. Lighter coloured cars come with advantages such as concealing dust, scratches or paint peels. But when it comes to personality, the ones who choose white are not afraid to hide anything. They tend to keep their cars clean as white colour can show dirt easily. People who prefer white colour exhibit simplicity, openness, and purity. White also spells braveness, cleanliness and a sense to strive for perfection.


Red spells brightness all around. A bright flashy red car on road draws attention. People who prefer red colour love attention and work hard to get attention. The reason they are able to draw attention is because they are energetic and love to spread joy. Red colour also spells the ability to compete in all they do and not settle for less. Red lovers are also considered dreamers who pursue on to achieve what they dream


Blue is an extremely popular colour among men. It serves as a colour that depicts peace and calmness. Ever wondered why some conference rooms in offices have blue lighting? Research proves that blue colour light lowers blood pressure and pulse rate. Thus, it can enable more productivity in all work.


Black is bold and beautiful only for black lovers. Black lovers’ personality suggest that they are serious, confident, strong, decisive and introverted. If you want to make a bold statement, black seems to be the colour of choice. Also, in terms of fashion, black serves as the go to colour when in doubt. It serves as a fool proof colour to make a style statement! So, if you own a black car, you know how to make a stylish statement.


Green in general symbolizes nature. In terms of personality, people who love green care for the well-being of others. They are good at learning and understanding concepts. They are also truly sincere people able to empathise for others along the course of life. Green means go! A colour to forget the past and move ahead into the future.

Note: This blog is intended only for fun.

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