Popular models of 4-wheel trucks in India

Manufactured with highly advanced technology solutions that aid in excellent mileage and fuel along with superior working efficiency, 4-wheel trucks are perfect for in-city transporters. These trucks can carry more load than small commercial vehicles.

Listed below are 5 good 4-wheel trucks in India:

Tata 407 Gold SFC Truck

Manufactured with highly advanced mobility solutions, the Tata 407 Gold SFC truck has a 98 HP engine power along with a BS – VI engine norm that provides efficient mileage. It has a 60 L fuel tank that aids in running long distances and reducing time wasted in refilling fuel.

This model has 3 variants which are Tata 407 Gold SFC 2955/HDLB, Tata 407 Gold SFC 2955/CBC, Tata 407 Gold SFC 2955/FSD.

Ashok Leyland Dost+ Pick up

It has a 1.5 L, i-GEN 6 technology diesel engine that provides high durability and reliability. One of the best choices when transporting good in rugged terrains, this high-capacity truck is one of the best in the market.

This vehicle comes in 3 variants which are Ashok Leyland Dost+ LX, Ashok Leyland Dost+ LE Ashok Leyland Dost+ LS.

Ashok Leyland Bada Dost Pickup

This is one of the most popular truck because of its excellent fuel efficiency and high performance. The 40 L fuel tank delivers long working hours. This truck is among the affordable ones in the Indian market.

This model has 5 variants which are Ashok Leyland BADA DOST 2590/FSD/i3, Ashok Leyland BADA DOST 2590/CBC/i4, Ashok Leyland BADA DOST 2590/CBC/i3, Ashok Leyland BADA DOST 2590/FSD/i4, Ashok Leyland BADA DOST 2590/HSD/i4.

Ashok Leyland Partner 4 Tyre

One of the most versatile truck models, this commercial vehicle is highly regarded for being fuel efficient. Giving good mileage, this model fits best for in-city transport.

This heavy-duty vehicle comes in 4 variants which are Ashok Leyland Partner 4 Tyre 3335/HSD/14 ft truck, Ashok Leyland Partner 4 Tyre 3335/FSD/14 ft truck, Ashok Leyland Partner 4 Tyre 2685/HSD/10 ft truck and Ashok Leyland Partner 4 Tyre 2685/FSD/10 ft truck.

Tata 710 LPT truck

This is a huge 60 L fuel tanked truck that provides long working hours. It is also pocket friendly in the Indian market and gives good mileage.

It comes in 2 variants which are Tata 710 LPT 3000/CAB truck and Tata 710 LPT 3000/HD truck.

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