New Vehicle Registration- Bharat Series (BH Number Plates)

The Ministry of Transport, Government of India launched the new Bharat Series (BH) registration number plates in effect from September 15, 2021.

Will this affect existing registration? What are the benefits? Why this sudden decision? Many a question may have accumulated in your mind already regarding this topic. Read on to clear all your doubts on the new BH registration and its advantages.

Vehicle owners having Brand new cars in India need to transfer the registration of the vehicle if they are relocating from one state to another. This has long been a burden for those who must relocate for business or personal commitments. They must transfer the registration of their vehicle from the parent state to the state travelled to, within 12 months. This is a mandate as per section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Also, during re-registration, vehicle owners must re-pay the road tax to the new state and claim refund from the parent state. The new registration aims to fix this grievance.

 Benefits Of Bharat Registration Number Plate

Re-registration is no longer needed for vehicles registered under the Bharat Registration number plate if they are driven from one state to another. Since re-registration is not required, you need not repay the road tax and then claim repayment for the same.

Who Are Eligible To Get The BH Registration Number Plate?

State and Central Government or Public Sector Unit (PSU) employees are eligible. In the case of private sector employees, BH number will be allocated only if the firm has offices in four or more states or union territories.

How To Apply

The application process can be done either online or offline. Either way, you should fill up Form 60 at an RTO or through the Parivahan web portal. You will be requested for valid Employment ID proofs. The proofs submitted will undergo verification. After verification, BH series registration happens for the vehicle. The number is generated automatically and as of now, there is no provision to select a number of your choice.

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