Maruti Baleno vs Maruti Swift Comparison

Maruti Suzuki cars have been long engaging the maximum car buyers in India. Coming with features and convenience conditioned best for majority of car buyers and users in India, Maruti Suzuki cars have stood the test of time and newer launches in the automobile industry.

Pricing of these budget friendly cars is another reason why they adorn the sales chart of the Indian car industry. Despite having various other brands and models, Maruti Suzuki for good reasons have topped the list. Well, now the comparison stands between two different models of Maruti Suzuki itself.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Maruti Suzuki Swift – both best of the brand in their own ways have been recent favourites for car buyers in India. Both these cars come with a wide variety of features and excellent road presence.

When it comes to dimensions, Maruti Suzuki Baleno is bigger in size than the Swift. Having no major difference in their engines, Baleno has a CVT gearbox installed which is not available in a Swift.

Maruti Swift is available in seven variants where as Maruti Baleno is available in nine different variants. Swift coming as Maruti Swift LXi, Maruti Sift VXi, Maruti Swift ZXi, Maruti Swift ZXi+, Maruti Swift VXi AT, Maruti Swift ZXi AT, and Maruti Swift ZXi+ AT; and Baleno coming in variants such as Maruti Baleno Sigma, Maruti Baleno Delta, Maruti Baleno Zeta, Maruti Baleno Dual Jet Delta, Maruti Baleno Alpha, Maruti Baleno Delta CVT, Maruti Baleno Dual Jet Zeta, Maruti Baleno Zeta CVT, and Maruti Baleno Alpha CVT.

Customer preferences come depending on various factors like pricing, convenience, budget, requirement of each individual and so on. However, if you are looking for the more economical one between the two, Baleno is perhaps more expensive than Maruti Swift. Also, the price of each model and variant is different.

Apart from being bigger in size and perhaps a little more expensive than the other, both these cars from Maruti Suzuki are in high competition with each other, making them two of the best-selling cars in the country.

It is always advised to check, research and make sure which car would meet your requirement before making a decision. Taking both the cars out on a test drive can also give you more insight. has wide selection of high-quality used cars at great prices. We have multi-brand used cars with details on features, insurance expiry, vehicle details and much more

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