Is repainting your car legally allowed in India?

Change is fun. Who doesn’t love remodelling and repainting that gives a new makeover to their pre-owned cars! But wait, is it legally allowed to remodel or repaint your car? Can you do your dream makeover for your champ? Absolutely yes! Watch out for these things before you get your car repainted.

How can I legally modify my car?

When you remodel or repaint your Used modified cars, you have to ensure that your car has its documents in place. Your vehicle registration number, insurance and road tax should be valid for at least the next 15 days or more. Once you paint your car, you have to register your car with the Regional Transport Office (RTO). You can update the changes online through Parivahaan site.

Why should you re-register your car?

Any changes made to the original colour or the look of the vehicle more than 60% from its originality needs re-registration at the nearby RTO. It has been made mandatory for various reasons. For instance, during a hit and run case, people around the hit scene identify the car primarily with its colour followed by referring to the model of the car. Including those circumstances, it’s mandatory to re-register your car if you make changes more than 60% from its originality.

What colours can you repaint your car with?

You can repaint your car with any colour. However, in India, there are a few restrictions when it comes to repainting colours. It’s not advised to use olive green, navy blue and camouflage patterns completely on your car. These colours are restricted by the government as these colours can be found in the national defence vehicles owned by the government.

How can you differentiate if your car has dual colours?

Any car with dual colours complementing the aesthetics is divided into primary and secondary colours. The colour that can be found 60% or more is considered the primary colour and the rest as the secondary colour. Making any changes to the primary colour or an overall makeover more than 60% of its originality needs re-registration even for cars with dual shades.

Do you not want to repaint but give your car a makeover?

Another popular method of remodelling your car is using stickers. Any stickering that changes the look of your car and hold 60% of the change from the original look needs re-registration. However, if you change the colour of your car’s roof, it’s not mandatory to register it again at the RTO. Accessorising your car needs re-registration provided, it changes the original look of the car and it is difficult to distinguish the car after the addition of accessories.

How can you re-register your car?

Once you have got your car repainted or remodelled, you have to re-register your car with appropriate changes in the RTO. You can apply for the changes online through Parivahaan site and take good condition of used cars to the RTO for inspection. Post-inspection and approval, the RTO will issue a new registration certificate with the changes amended.

To apply for re-registration through the Parivahaan portal, go Parivahaan site and select Vehicle- Related Services. Select the state and your respective RTO and click proceed. Click on Alteration of Vehicles and enter your vehicle registration number and chassis number. Click on Generate OTP.

You’ll receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and click on proceed. Enter the new colour under the colour section and scroll down. You will see the fee details for re- registration and the service charges for the process. Complete the payment and schedule an appointment to take your vehicle to the respective RTO for inspection along with the original documents.

Please note that the charges vary depending on the state and the type of vehicle you request re- registration for.

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