Is A Used Luxury Car Better Than A New Economy Range Car?

In India, a car speaks a lot about one’s lifestyle and status. A car is always seen as a symbol of pride and status beyond comfort. It also reflects on one’s choices and their overall personality. A lot of people dream to have a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, or Jaguar handsomely parked in their garage to symbolise their growth and wealth. Therefore, the car market in India performs well when compared to the other car markets across the world.

With the after effects of the Pandemic, people have started moving towards buying used cars including used luxury cars, which come in the price of new economy range cars. With the option of used luxury cars available through reliable dealers, the difference between old and new becomes negligible, except of course for the price. Initially, a lot of first-time buyers are unsure about the decision of buying either a used/preowned luxury car like pre-owned audi cars or a new economy range car for the same price.

Price & Driving Experience: The primary reason to buy luxury second hand cars over a new economy car is because it is lesser in price with the luxury in place. Manufacturers customize the driving experience of a luxury car to tailor fit the customer needs. You definitely would not get this in an economy range car.

Depreciation: Cars lose value every month with every kilometre. One of the major depreciations in a cars’ price happens right away after its launch in the market. Some cars could lose their value in the first year of its launch. For example, over the four years you own an economical car, you could see considerably more depreciation than you would over the four years you own the used luxury car.

Advanced Safety Equipment: In most of the cars, safety innovations are the ones that a customer looks forward to. Most safety features in mainstream cars were introduced first in luxury cars. Swivel seats, fragrance dispenser, umbrella holder, top speed key, massaging seats, smart sunroof, electronic gear knob, in-built vacuum cleaner are a few available features in the current luxury cars. In many cases, a four-year preowned old luxury car will offer more safety features than a brand-new economy car at the same price.

Convenience features: Similar to safety equipment, a lot of the commonly accepted comfort and convenience features routinely found in mainstream cars these days were debuted in luxury cars. The electric starter, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, power windows, self-dimming headlights, power mirrors, and specifically tailored audio systems, all were introduced first as features on luxury cars. So, if you are looking to take advantage of tomorrow’s best comfort and convenience features today, even a used luxury car can take you well into that realm

Once you’ve experienced the smoothness, power and feature set of a good luxury car, it might be hard to drive a more economy-oriented automobile. You’ll miss the comfortable ambience of the interior, the seamless power, the broad array of luxurious convenience features, and the exceptionally good feeling you get walking up to a luxury car when you’re leaving with acquaintances.
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