How To Sell Your Used Vehicle Online

Selling a used vehicles offline is definitely a difficult task!

You must reach out to a seller, call them up, follow-up, get your vehicle checked, write applications, wait for days for a call back… The list goes on, and so does the hassle.

But with the advent of digitisation, selling used cars/bikes/commercial vehicles online have never been easier! This blog should help you sell your used vehicles at ease.

Most of the online platforms are completely free! They help you get buyers for your vehicle. Also, it is up to the seller and buyer to communicate directly and close the deal.

GaadiBazaar, an initiative by Chola, is a trusted online platform that helps you buy and sell used vehicles at the best price in an easy, hassle-free manner. It is the perfect platform for customers looking to buy/sell used passenger and commercial vehicles.

Where To Sell?

You should always sell your used vehicles on trusted online platforms like Gaadi Bazaar. They offer a wide range of vehicle models to select from, adding value and providing satisfaction. Gaadi Bazaar also offers only 100% certified vehicles allowing you to concentrate on potential buyers alone rather than dealing with other issues.

Valuate The Price Of Your Vehicle

The first step to selling is to check your vehicle’s valuation i.e., how much the vehicle is currently worth in the market. You can use online valuation tools to find the amount. You must note that the online valuation price will differ from the actual valuation price, which is done based on the actual working condition of the vehicle.

Setting Up An Advertisement

You must register yourself as a seller or dealer in the online platform you have chosen. After registration, you can access the seller page and create an advertisement. To post an advertisement, you will be requested to enter few basic information regarding your vehicle. Once you are done, post photos of your vehicle and your ad is ready.

Validation Of Details By Online Platform

The validation of the vehicle either happens online or offline.

  • In the online method, you will have to upload clear photos of the vehicle (right view, left view, front right view, front left view, odometer reading, back view, back left view, back right view) and a video of the vehicle in running condition. The video must also include the engine in running condition. The online platform will then validate the vehicle using information received and certify the vehicle before advertisement approval.
  • In the offline method, third party vendors will be sent to your house to check and certify the vehicle, before the advertisement can be approved. Depending on the online platforms policy, you may have to pay for the third-party vendor validation.

Sell Your Vehicle

Once the advertisement is up and running online, you will be contacted by potential buyers. If you post your advertisement in a trusted online platform like Gaadi Bazaar, you can be assured that all contacting sellers are verified.

Few Tips

  • Try to set the right selling price for your vehicle
  • Take clear pictures of your vehicle with no blur. More the pictures, the better the results.
  • Provide correct contact information.
  • Provide accurate information about your vehicle. Filling out all information on the online platform will help buyers decide quickly.

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