Whether you buy second hand cars or a used cars in India, you’ve always wanted or wished for it to look better. Most of such dreams are shelved cause either you believe it’s not possible or think it’s going to be costly.
Here are some effective things you can do to give your used or old car a much-needed facelift.

Paint scratches are another factor that takes away the shine and sheen from your car. To fix these scratches, start off by removing the paint residue on your car. With proper guidance, you can remove all the paint residue from your car by yourself. Starting with water and soap to using cleaning agents, removing paint residue is quite easy from modified used cars. Once you get the perfect exterior, if required, repaint the car.


Car Wax

A good wax polish can make your car shine like how it did when you buy second hand cars! The process is quick and easy. If you can spend some time, you can apply a simple coat, yourself. Wax coat can protect your car from weather elements and give it a good gloss. Car waxing is a cheap investment with large returns. A proper car wax coat can get you the attraction you once had while driving and increase the resale value of the car.


A facelift need not only be changes that make the car look good. You can facelift your car with add-ons as well. To get more aerodynamics, you can change the front and rear bumpers or gift your car a new spoiler. If your car has HID or halogen lights, you can change them to LED ones for a brighter glow and drive. Alloy wheels also give your car a good aesthetic value in the used car market and makes your car stand out.



Have you ever vacuumed the interior of your car? Not sure of the benefits? Vacuuming makes your car interiors completely dust-free. The dashboard, seats, floor mats… everything will look and feel better. Vacuuming also removes bacteria and other germs that may have dwelt in your car. You can also use cleaning solutions for seats and dashboard, which available at affordable prices.

Interior Accessories
From safety to comfort, the list of accessories for car interiors is huge. A touch screen infotainment system can be your entertainment console as well as the screen for parking cameras or navigation route. If an infotainment system is too costly, you can mount your phone on a cell-phone holder on the dashboard. For a fancy appearance, you can opt for ambient lighting to light up your car.
To know the results of compare the photos of your car before and after facelift of your car When you compare the cost of a facelifted car versus a non-facelifted car, the facelifted car price in indian used car market is higher.

A facelift is very subjective to each ones need and choice. You can opt to mix/match and try beyond to give your car the best facelift which reflects your style!

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