How To Fix Paint Scratches in Used Cars

Try out this exercise… Spot a car on the road without a paint scratch. Go around and try it yourself… Even if you did try, the only cars without a paint scratch that you may find will be new cars that have just been driven out after purchase.

Paint scratches are common, they seem small but keeps bothering you all the time when you look at one. If you are shopping for used cars, it is almost impossible to find one without a paint scratch.

The reason why paint scratches are not considered a big issue is because they can be modified in your second-hand cars. The internet is filled with articles on how to fix light or deep scratches in cars. Whether you are selling a car or buying a used car, to fix a paint scratch, you will first have to identify what type it is. You will also have to decide on whether you can remove the scratches from the car at home or workshop. Some of these scratches might just require a polish, while the others might require some additional effort to fix them.

Types Of Paint Scratches:

Clear Coat Scratches
Clear coat is the outermost layer of paint coating. It serves as a protection against heat, oxidation and sun’s UV rays. It also gives your car the shining and deep look. Clear coat scratches are small and shallow in nature. You can identify them under a torchlight or direct sunlight. Even a small rub of your car key against the body can cause a clear coat scratch. Since these scratches are mostly caused unintentionally, they are the most difficult to avoid. Improper washing methods also cause paint scratches. These are the easiest type of paint scratch to repair.

Base Coat Scratches
Base coat is the actual paint colour of your car. It lies under the clear coat. Scratches that bypass the clear coat and reach the base coat are termed as base coat scratches. With time, there are chances of rust developing in the regions of the scratch though the primer is still below the scratch. Though not an immediate requirement, you should try to fix this scratch when you find time.

Primer coat scratches
Primer coat scratches are the deepest paint scratches. They cut through the clear coat, base coat and the primer coat to expose the car’s metal or plastic body. Primer coat is applied on the car body to make it paint-ready. Since the car body is exposed, moisture and water can cause rust formation in due course of time. Primer scratches take the longest time to fix as they may cause scratches to the metal body of the car. It is recommended to take the car to professionals to fix primer coat scratches.

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