On our day-to-day commute to work, school, college, business trips and everything in between, we often forget that our cars are being utilised to the maximum and that they need some care and attention too. Who doesn’t love a well-maintained car that looks tidy and smells fresh? We all could use some professional to help us get there, but it’s a known fact that it might be a little too out of our budgets. So, here are the steps that might help you clean your used car interiors just like how the pros would!

Have you ever wondered how often do you need to clean your interiors? Well, it totally depends on the existing conditions when you buy used cars and how frequently you will be using it.
But generally, a thorough cleaning once a month and a basic cleaning session once a fortnight would help maintain your second hand cars.
Now let’s get cleaning with a few basic and simple steps.


Can you remember the number of times you’ve dumped your chocolate wrappers, bills or empty bottles in your car? Without us realising, we do that quite often. Start with places that you usually store or dump things in, like dashboards, cup holders, door pockets, floorboards etc. The first and primary thing to do is to spot all the trash inside the car and toss them all into bins.


One of the most polluted and soiled elements in your car, are your floor mats. Every time we step in from outside, all the sediments and dirt from our footwear get settled in the mats and stay in the same for a long time. Especially in the case of used cars, there might be traces of dirt particles left due to prior usage. All you have to do is remove the mats, give them a good shake and vacuum them before scrubbing and cleaning them with water and soap. While the mats dry, vacuum the area underneath.


At one point, you would’ve noticed water stains or spots on your car windows and mirrors. Well, these are nothing but calcium deposits that have been formed due to the water particles being settled on your windows for a long time without being wiped off. But these can be removed quite easily if minutes of your time is spared. With the help of a microfiber cloth and an ammonia free window Cleaner, wipe every bit of your windows and mirrors in a circular motion. There might be long set stains on the windows and mirrors in view of the fact that the car is a used one. These stains can be removed in no time with a diluted solution consisting of vinegar and a cleaning agent of your choice. Remember, it’s always important to wipe them dry once you’re done cleaning them!


The centre console in our cars usually accommodate the cup holders in which we place our coffee, water bottles and other beverages which tends to make the whole place greasy and messy. If your car’s cup holders are removable, remove them and soak them in warm water with soap for a while and reassemble them back after drying them out. If there’s dirt and debris stuck in the tight corners of the console, scrap them off with a wet toothbrush and wipe them clean. To clean the gear stick and other controls again use a damp microfiber cloth and wipe it all throughout.


Our cars are exposed to too much dust while we drive past different environments. Dusting the whole of your car’s interior is an important step during the cleaning process. Using a Swiffer duster, dust out the whole space and finally, use a damp cloth to wipe and remove any grime or fingerprints.


The first thing the driver touches after stepping into the car is probably the steering wheel and it could be the most germ infected factor in the car. It could have been used by multiple people and the best you can do to maintain hygiene is to eliminate the bacteria build up present in the wheel. It can be done so with the help of sanitary wipes or a clean dry cloth. Make sure this part is done quite frequently.


To maintain the seats well, there are a few things you could do! Firstly, start by dusting all your seats with a microfiber cloth or a duster. If you have leather seats, wipe them with mild soap and water. And if your car has cloth seats, start with vacuuming them and follow the same instructions, given for leather seats. But, if there are any heavy stains due to prior conditions, you can make a paste made up of oxygen-based bleach and water and apply it on the stained area, let it soak for a while and then vacuum away the residue.


The way your car space smells, says a lot about you! It’s important to have a fresh smelling car space in order to feel good. If your car has a stale or foul smell, place a small plastic container filled with baking soda inside of your car overnight and remove it the next day, to see the difference! Car fresheners and perfumes are a great way to make your car smell nice and fresh!

You’ve put your life and soul into getting your used car so remember; your used car deserves your love too!

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