How to check the tyres of a Used Car?

Though they get dirty and look unappealing, tyres are the reason for the comfort of riding a car. Not only so, tyres also can give away the condition of a car. Checking out the tyres of a pre-owned cars can help you arrive at a good used car from a sale. So read on to find out how and what to check in a tyre.

Before you check the tyres of a used car, ensure the following:

  • Check the car in broad daylight conditions
  • Park the car on a level surface
  • Ensure there is enough space around the car to inspect the tyres
  • Ensure all tyres are pumped to the right air pressure
  1. Go Through The Documents:

The first thing to do, before looking at the tyres is to ask the seller the question when they sell used cars, “Have you replaced the tyres?” Whether the answer is yes or no, go through the documents to verify whether the tyres in the used car are authentic and from a known manufacturer. Here are few techniques to verify the authenticity of the tyres.

  • Misspelt brand names
  • Details missing on the tyres
  • Seller unable to furnish paperwork to prove authenticity
  • Uneven colour on the tyres

The first thing to check while inspecting the tyres of a car is to check whether all the tyres are of equal size (diameter). If one of the tyres is of a smaller size, then that tyre needs a replacement. If one set of tyres (either front or back) are smaller in size, it could mean that the wheel alignment is not alright. Either way, If the car is alright and just the tyres are not in the right alignment, you could still use it to bargain for a better discounted price.

Look Closely

Tyres do wear out with age. Tyre manufacturers suggest replacing tyres once in 5 or 6 years. If the car you are checking out is more than 5 years old, check with the seller if they have been replaced. Else, be on the lookout for any bulges, lumps or bumps. Also, check for cuts on the tyres which appear due to over usage. Stones or other objects in the tyres must be removed while checking the tyres. Once removed you can assess or reveal the damages which may underly.

Check The Tread Depth

Tread is the part of the tyre that makes contact with the road surface. This portion bulges out from the remaining portion of the tyre. The tread is very important as the well-thought-out design helps the tyre to grip the road. It is essential that the tyres should have a tread depth of 6/32 or deeper. So, get the gauge and measure out the depth of the tread in all four wheels. Said that you are purchasing used cars, you must inspect the tread and get a discount in price, if the tread depth does not match up.

Test Drive The Car

Irrespective of how well they look, driving the car would give away of how the tyres respond and feel. The importance of test driving a car extends into the tyre checking prospect. Navigate the car through bumpy, curvy and traffic filled roads. Also, brake hard to check the braking response. To readily notice the difference, drive a car with new tyres and then test drive the used car. If you are a first-time buyer, do take your friend or a mechanic to test drive and tell you if the tyres are fine.

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