How To Buy And Restore An Antique Car?

Some cars are dreams. The Porsche 911 coupe sends shivers in my body every time I hear the name or look at it online. A dream of such cars can wake you up in the middle of the night and give you a smile. Imagine owning one?

Classic cars or antique cars have their own fan base. If you belong to this fan base, this article is for you. A few simple steps can help you restore a classic car, but it will take your time and well thought out budgeting.

To start off, let us go through the steps for buying a classic car.

  1. The Car Search

Finding an antique car or classic car is a huge step, especially if you have a particular car model in your mind. Contacts matter a lot during this search. A simple google search might not be your answer. Join antique or classic car groups in social media. This can help you find the car of your choice faster. If you do not have much time to do the restoration, you can span out and search for antique or classic cars that have been partially restored by someone. Your initial investment might increase a bit, but it should save you plenty of time.

  1. Question And Reason Out The Seller

Most of these antique or classic cars that you arrive at might not run. Car’s not running, a great way to bargain right? Yes, you can bargain and save some cash. But you must inquire why the car is not in working condition. Grasp as much information on the car’s history, accidents and faults before it stopped working. Get your hands on all the repair/service works undergone on the car to understand what is wrong with the car. This will help you estimate how much the repair work would cost.

  1. Inspect The Car

The exterior of the car can give away what the car has been through in its lifetime. Little dents or scratches are fine. So are few rusty spots. Wheel arches and underbody should be thoroughly checked for rusts. If the bodywork is rusted beyond repair, think twice cause resourcing these parts aren’t going to be easy and cheap.

Once you check these steps and fix on the car to buy, you should prepare yourself for restoration. Here are 3 easy steps to kick start your restoration process.

  1. Review The Car In Detail

Whether you have purchased a car with minimal damage or a rusty old car requiring major modifications, assess the car first. List down what needs change, repair and replacement. Determine the amount of work and the scope in terms of time and money. If you are doing this the first time, ask for help. Reach out to an expert offline or online. There are multiple restoration forums or groups online to seek help from fellow car enthusiasts.

  1. Source Parts

Let’s face it! You may need to source an ample number of parts and it is not going to be easy. Try to salvage as much as you can from the car you have purchased. These are genuine parts and mending them helps you keep the car in its authentic form. For a cheaper option, you can check local salvage shops or other models from the same manufacturer. If you can spend the money, then there is no harm in checking with the manufacturer. Check out this ad from Porsche and you will understand what I am trying to convey 😀

  1. Restore The Car

Got all the parts? Think most of the work is finished. You are in for a surprise. Depending on what generation the car is from, the tools, nuts and bolts used in the car might differ and hard to find. If you are not able to resource them from a nearby hardware shop or a car mechanic, you may have to get them forged from a workshop. Based on the time you can spend, decide on whether you are going to restore the car or have it done by a local mechanic. The local mechanic will charge you depending on the part availability and the work required.

There is a saying that a mother forgets all her birth pains at the sight of her new-born child. You will definitely forget all the trouble you had to undergo to fix up your favourite antique car or classic car when you drive it after restoration.

You will grin wide to every head that turns to you, wherever you go!

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