How The Internet Has Changed The Way We Buy Used Cars

The internet helped the used car industry bloom during the pandemic. Technological advancements have given both sellers and buyers an unmatched user experience giving the offline buying experience a run for money. Let us look at how the internet has shaped the way we buy used cars.

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Search, Compare, & Select

Every car manufacturer has a set of models. Each model has many variants. If you were to decide on a car offline, you need to go to each manufacturer’s showroom, which is time consuming. The internet has come to the rescue by cutting down on your search task. You can filter out cars based on price range, features, size, type and more in the same website for all manufacturers. As an added feature you can compare two cars side by side, viewing all their available features. If you want to know more about a particular model, you can readily get expert reviews online, rather having to believe what the personnel in the dealerships say. To get an almost first-hand view of the car, you can visit the manufacturer’s website for 360-degree view of the car in the colour of your choice.

Finding A Used Car

There are two ways one buys a used car offline. If you have not decided on a car to buy, you can select a used car from the range of cars available at a used car dealership. If you have decided on a car to buy, you must search which dealer sells the particular model of car. You either get limited options in the former or get tired searching for your favourite car in the latter. Internet again comes to your aide by bringing the world of used cars right in front of your mobile screen. Within a few clicks you can choose a car or find your favourite car. Ensure you only purchase used cars online from certified online dealers such as Gaadi Bazaar.

Selling/Buying Experience

Online platforms save time and money for the seller. You need to first register yourself in a certified online website for used cars. Update basic information about the car and post pictures of your car. This information will be converted into an advertisement for buyers to see and contact. Click here to go through the process of selling your car online. As a buyer, you can go through the cars listed in certified websites and contact sellers directly.

The Auctions

Apart from the regular buying and selling, online auctions have grabbed the attention of individual buyers and sellers. Auto auctions are a method of selling vehicles based on auction system. Features of auto auction are huge selection of used vehicles, most of the cars are in good condition, affordable prices, certified vehicles and Quick Sale. Click here to know more about auctions

Easy Finance

Though used cars come with a smaller price tag compared to new cars, financing options are required to fund the used car. Few certified dealers have tie ups with financial institutions to offer you a completely hassle-free car buying experience, including finance. Gaadi Bazaar is an initiative by Chola, where you can buy and sell used vehicles and also avail vehicle finance at one place. You can easily check your loan eligibility using online loan eligibility calculators. You can also check your monthly EMI using online EMI calculators. Click here for the steps to get a new or used car loan. Internet also provides you with the option to compare and check the financial policies of various financial organisations.

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