How Much Should You Be Spending On Used Cars?

Whether a new or used car, we have all come across this question of how much should I spend on getting one. With respect to the used cars, the question is larger and until you buy one, you are lined with the question of “Am I getting it at the right price?”

Gaadi Bazaar, an initiative by Chola, is a trusted online platform that helps you buy and sell used vehicles at the best price in an easy, hassle-free manner. It is the perfect platform for customers looking to buy/sell used passenger and commercial vehicles.

The amount of money you spend on a used car depends on few factors. The major factors are listed below:

  1. Choice of car

Everyone has a different need! Some look for a car that does its job: drop you from point A to point B and nothing else. Some are specific to features that the family needs. Some want more, for social status or just for the sake of it. The list goes on and so does the price. The more you require your car to have, the more the price increases. If you are running short on cash, you can look up exciting offers on Chola for used car loans.

  1. Check the Car

Once you have selected the car, you must look at the car. The exterior must be checked for dents, rust, tires and paint works. Get in the car and play around with all electronics, radio and air conditioner vents. Under the hood, check for any scratches on the bolts, indicating part changes. A thorough inspection can give you a quote on the cost for replacing or mending parts. You can get this cost reduced upfront on the selling price. If you want to avoid such hassles, opt for used cars from Gaadi Bazaar. We offer 100% certified used cars, after thorough inspection and checks.

  1. Test Drive Results

Remember, looks may be deceiving. You will get a complete picture only when you drive the car. Any noises, vibrations from the major parts such as engine, transmission, gearbox, can mean a costly repair job. If you are not sure what to check during a test drive, read, How To Test Drive A Used Car Like An Expert , and decide how much you should pay.

  1. Model of Car

The manufacturer and model of the car plays a huge role in the depreciation rate of the used car. Apart from the condition of the car, the maintenance, spare parts availability and fuel consumption should also decide on selling price of the car.

  1. The Stats

A car might just be one year old but may be an overused car. Go through the driving distance, driving history, insurance renewal, maintenance records, VIN number and Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate. Check for any defaults or deviations from the norm. You can ask for a lower price, considering you may have to shell out cash from your wallet for the same in the future. Gaadi Bazaar cuts down your job by listing verified readings on their website to make easy decisions.

You can arrive at the best way to buy only through research! Consider these factors and do your research to arrive at the right car at the right price.

– Wishing You A Very Happy Used Car Shopping

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