Common Misconceptions About Second-Hand Cars

People for long have arrived at conclusions based on incorrect opinions or faulty thinking, because they have got the facts wrong. In this article, we will try eradicating some common misconceptions regarding used cars.

  1. Used Cars Are Bad Investment

This is probably what you heard first when you said, “I am going to buy a used vehicle.” Used cars come with assurance of certification and warranty. You also save a considerable amount of money while getting almost all the benefits that you find in a new car. Pro tip – if you want to re-sell your used car, you will lose less amount of money than when selling a new car.

  1. Used Cars Are Usually Stolen

It is false to believe that all used cars are stolen. Though there are some reported incidents, you can easily avoid this scam by opting to buy used cars from certified websites like Gaadi Bazaar. With a wide selection range, you can browse and select the car of your choice.

  1. Used Cars Are Prone To Frequent Maintenance

Not all used cars are old rusty vehicles. There are loads of cars that are well maintained that are up for sale in the used car market. If you are worried about frequent maintenance, you can ask for the vehicles’ service records and verify them. Check the kilometres run against the kilometres the vehicle can possibly run more.

  1. Cheap Used Cars Are The Best

As much as you fear losing out money during a deal, you should also be wary of spending too little to get a good vehicle. Yes, used cars are cheaper than new cars. But if you are being offered a car with an insanely cheap price tag, think twice. Never buy used vehicles based only on appearance.

  1. Used Cars Cannot Be Sold Again

Yet another popular misconception! Customers are made to believe that once you get a used bike, it will remain in your garage forever as it cannot be sold – FALSE. If you can maintain your car in good condition, ensure it still is smooth to ride, the car will have a good resale value. Unlike selling as a first owner, while selling as the second owner, the depreciation value is not extremely high. This helps you reclaim most of the buying cost.

It is the twenty-first century!! We have books, internet, research, …

Are you still going to believe in misconceptions??

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