Car Safety Technologies You Should Install In Your Used Car

Technology has crept into all areas of our lives. Modern day cars use technology to make driving easier and safer. After much thought, manufacturers have arrived at some technologies that cars must have. Here are some safety technologies that modern cars currently have. You can get them installed in your used car to make it safer and more modern.

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Collision Avoidance System (CAS)

It is an advanced driver assistance warning system designed to prevent or minimize the impact of a rear-end-collision. Rear end collisions are common and majorly caused due to negligence or concentration lapses. Majority of these collisions occur at low speeds. Collision avoidance system monitors the speed of the car and the speed of the car or vehicle moving in the front. Using these speeds, it accurately calculates the distance between the car and the obstacle ahead. When the proximity becomes close, the system will give a warning in the form of an audible, a vibration in the steering wheel, and/or a visual cue. This system is now being made more advanced as Forward Collision Warning by combining it with automatic braking when the proximity is very close.

Lane Assist Technology

As the name suggests, this technology helps cars stay and maintain lane discipline. This technology depends on a camera, few infrared sensors and lasers. Real time lane detection is accomplished by an onboard computer based on the real time visual from the camera. This computer then automatically steers the vehicle back between the lines and/or sends alerts to the driver. The drawback to this technology is when the roads are crowded or covered with snow/rain/dirt, the computers are unable to detect the lane.

360-Degree Camera

This technology combines images provided by multiple cameras to provide an aerial view of the car, which can be viewed in the infotainment screen. These cameras are usually mounted at the front and rear bumpers, the grille, underneath the side mirrors, and the tail. Combined with sensors, this technology senses the distance between the car and any possible objects around the car, helping you manoeuvre the car in tight spaces or park cars in packed parking lots.

Heads-Up Display

Many technologies either alert you with an audible or a visual cue. But these may distract you and make you take the eyes off the road. A heads-up display (HUD) projects essential information onto the windscreen making sure you do not take your eyes off the road. You can choose what information is to be projected on the windscreen. This helps multitasking because it allows you to view navigation directions, check travelling speed and check other real time car parameters such as tire pressure.

Adaptive Headlights

Remember how change is the only constant? Unless you are in an interstate bypass, you are never going to find yourself on continuous straight stretched road. Traditional headlights are fixed and only illuminate the path directly ahead of you. Adaptive headlights detect the steering wheel movement and swivel the headlights on to the direction your car is heading. This helps you to be aware of any objects ahead in the direction your car is headed to.

Automatic Parking Assist

This technology can perform specific tasks concerning parking or the entire parking. It uses sensors, cameras and radars, located all around the car. Various types of this technology are available in the market today. One model allows you to accelerate while managing the steering automatically. One model allows you to step out of the car and manage the forward and reverse movement using the car’s key. The most advanced model allows you to step out of the car and then the car parks itself automatically.

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