Best Selling Second-hand Car in Delhi

Cars have long been used and loved for their convenience and safety on roads, independence and a sense of self-worth, societal significance and success. Delhi being the capital of the country and a metro city with conventions and choices so varied and unique, the automobile market in the state is sure big. Delhi has a lot of car enthusiasts who prefer driving a car over any other mode of transport. The city has many pockets where second hand and used cars are seen available to consumers who are looking for something economical and matching their preferences.

Majority of car owners are seen to go for hatchback cars that are convenient and serve the purpose of commuting from one place to another. Economical and affordable as they come, hatchback cars are widely liked and used by the Delhi crowd. There are several other high end and premium cars that come at decent prices when bought used. Used cars are gaining popularity because buyers are able to analyze the fact that buying a premium used car is smarter than buying a brand-new car.

There are several car dealers who deal with used cars in Delhi. They provide not just quality cars in the used-cars market, some also give warranty and guarantee for second-hand cars.

Second-hand cars popular in Delhi

  • 2010 Maruti Wagon R
  • 2014 Volkswagen Vento
  • 2016 Mahindra TUV
  • 2015 BMW 5 Series
  • 2019 Jeep Compass
  • 2020 Volkswagen Polo
  • 2016 Honda Amaze

These cars come handy to users being extremely driver-friendly, economical and have convenience and comfort of their own; making them few of the most preferred cars in Delhi, whether it is buying new or pre-owned.

There are a few factors, if kept in mind, that can make the decision making easier in case of buying pre-owned cars.

  • Know your car well.

Research and study the car you are looking to buy. Learn and know everything about the car which is being sold to you – from the distance it has covered, mileage, any wear and tear, insurance coverage, any past accidents, any repairs made and so on.

  • Check for faults and find none.

Check the condition of the car inside out. Drive the car around to feel if there are any unwanted sounds or noises from the insides of the vehicle.

  • Verify the documents thoroughly.

Verifying the documents like checking the warranty report, RC book details, insurance details and perhaps the history of the car are all important steps to consider while buying a used car.

Opting to buy a pre-owned car is a great choice if you are on a budget yet looking for a good buy and bargain. New cars are more expensive when compared to used cars. With newer launches almost every year, there are many used cars being sold in the market which are of excellent quality and condition.

Investing in a used car is a smarter way of buying a car – you get what you want and you don’t pay as much as you would if you were to buy a new one!

There are certified organizations that aid in bringing together car owners who want to sell their used cars and buyers who want to invest in a pre-owned car for their own use. Apps like Gaadi Bazaar help customers view, research and buy certified cars from trusted sources.

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