8 Reasons For The Growth of SUV Market In India

Manufacturers once considered India as a country for small cars.

In September 2021, Indians proved them wrong! In September 2021, SUV car sales outnumbered the sales of both hatchbacks and sedans combined.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/india-now-an-suv-market-sales-outstrip-hatches-plus-sedans/articleshow/87032143.cms

A steady increase as depicted above suggests a change in trend amidst Indians. Let us go through some advantages on why SUVs have become the talk of the town.

  1. The Bold And The Beautiful!

One cannot shy away from the fact that the SUVs are more muscular and dominant in appearance. Most of these cars come with off-road driving capabilities and have a rugged style that catches the eye. The tall body structure paves way for designers to add more ornaments to the car, uplifting the styling with every model.

  1. Your One Stop Car

Many Indian families buy both sedans and hatchbacks. For daily commute to office and to tread through traffic, hatchbacks were the answer. For family time or ride with friends, sedans were the answer. But SUVs has come as a solution to both. With power, features and road presence, SUVs have all the comfort of a sedan and the substance of a hatchback, making it your one stop car.

  1. High Ground Clearance

We all must agree that the roads in India are getting better than what they were in the past. As this is work in progress, bumpy and uneven roads are common. SUVs have come as an answer by providing high ground clearance. It is easier and more comfortable to tread through bumpy road sections without having to worry about dashing the underbody of the car. Phew! Now that is a huge relief, isn’t it?

  1. Seating And Space Capacity

A family ride? A ride with friends? Need to go fishing? A picnic?

You do not need to hire another car when you have an SUV. Even the sub-SUVs have a minimum seating capacity of 5. This can shoot up to even 9 passengers considering the car model that you buy. SUVs also come with a large boot space (larger than hatchbacks and sedans). But if you are still worried about space, in most models, you can fold the second/third row seats to make ample space.

  1. Off-Road Capabilities

SUVs come with an all-wheel drive option. Combined with no ladder-frame, the car is a perfect option for off-roading. This has made SUVs an apt choice for the large population of India, who live in rural areas, having to drive countryside. SUVs come with boosted torque output and enhanced power generating capabilities, sufficient to take the tough roads with no complaints.

  1. High Seating Position

High seating position comes as a great boon to drivers. Excellent visibility is available for drivers helping them tread through traffic or narrow roads. Also, SUVs offer a wider view of the road. Overall, they provide convenience while driving and it is a major boon for new riders too.

  1. Wide Range Of Features

High performing engines put in a shorter car than a sedan makes SUVs sporty and responsive. In terms of interiors, the car is well equipped. Sunroof, touch screen infotainment, rear AC vents, climate control, multiple air bags, automatic gearbox… these are only few of the many features that SUVs have to offer.

  1. Sensible Price Range

SUVs in the past were only for the rich and well-settled. But today, we can get SUVs under the 10-lakh range. Some of the high-end SUVs have become cheaper than the high-end sedans. Notably, some low-end SUVs are cheaper than low end sedans as well.

Power, majestic appearance, features, and driving comfort—all at a smaller price tag!

SUVs have made a bold statement in the Indian Market. SUVs are here to stay, much for the good of customers and manufacturers.

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