7 Questions To Ask Before Buying Used Cars

Questioning helps you arrive at answers!

It is a good habit to get all your doubts and confusions cleared before you purchase used cars/second-hand cars/pre-owned cars.

Here is a list of important questions to ask yourself or the seller before purchasing a used car.

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  1. How old is it?

The “old is gold” proverb need not necessarily be true in the case of used cars. The value of used cars or second-hand cars or pre-owned cars depreciates as the car ages more. So, check the year of manufacture of the vehicle, do your calculations and arrive at the ideal price for the car. Online valuation tools can be of immense help for calculations.

  1. Why is the car being sold?

If you are approaching a seller directly you must check with the seller on why the car is being sold. An inspection and test drive before buying the vehicle will reveal the rightful condition of the car. To be sure if the vehicle is put for sale has not undergone a serious issue, one must approach certified sellers such as Gaadi Bazaar. Gaadi Bazaar sells only certified vehicles taking such burdens off your shoulders.

  1. Is the car still under warranty?

Having a manufacturer’s warranty is a huge benefit. Major parts (such as the engine & transmission) will be covered under warranty and any issues will be taken care of by the manufacturer. If you have this advantage in the used car, it is a great catch, considering you are getting the car for a lesser cost.

  1. How much has the car run?

You can visually look at a stunning piece of machinery, but on the inside, it may have already run beyond its capabilities. Check the odometer reading on the kilometres covered and verify the same with the service records. Ensure there are no deviations here. The exact kilometres run will also have a say on the final price of the car.

  1. Can I inspect and test drive the car?

You MUST inspect the vehicle and test drive the car before buying it. Click here to read how to test drive a used car like an expert. Though not mandatory, if you are unsure how to inspect the car on your own, you should bring a mechanic along. If the seller disagrees, then there may be something fishy! The mechanic will look at the car in detail, before letting you know whether the car is worth the deal. Gaadi Bazaar provides you the option of having a third party check the vehicle for you.

  1. Has the car undergone a major or minor accident?

This again is one of the mandatory questions. If the car has undergone a major accident and has been repaired all around, then going for it is not a wise option. If it has undergone a minor accident, it serves as a good excuse to bargain the price in your favour, based on the amount of repair work done. Go through the car’s history if you are serious about buying it and you can check through the major and minor accidents.

  1. Should I opt for finance?

The reality is that not many can afford to buy a used car without loan. If you are worried about money, you can contact financial institutions to help you buy the car. With Chola, Gaadi Bazaar offers loans from INR 1 lakh onwards. You can also avail motor insurance, life insurance and personal accident cover.

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