7 Additions To Make Your Used Car Look & Feel Like A New Car

Worried that you had to settle for a used car? Worried that you are missing out on new features? Retrofit these 7 modern features and enhance the driving and in-car experience of your newly nought used car or your trustworthy old car.

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  • Touchscreen infotainment System

The traditional 2-DIN audio systems are long gone now. If you still have them in your car, its high time you get a touchscreen infotainment system. These screens come with so many cool features that make driving easy and comfortable. Some touch screen infotainment systems run on android and provide features such as in-car WIFI, on-board GPS and support to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Sensors, 360-degree camera, rear camera can all be accessed via this infotainment system screen. Using GPS, the screen acts as a navigation system, right in front of your eyes.

  • Ambient Lighting

I can never forget the first time I got into a car with ambient lighting. It was a small hatchback, that looked like an upgraded and sophisticated car. Ambient lights are generally mounted around the cabin, doors, foot wells, climate control vents, cup holders and sound system. It gives a rich look to the car and a soothing experience to both the passenger and driver.

  • LED Lights

Used cars may come with the older-gen halogen or high-intensity discharge lights. It is much recommended to get LED lights as they are highly efficient and long-lasting. LED lights can be arranged to make intricate well distinguished designs. LED lights are more rugged and durable giving both the look and the function.

  • Dash Cam

Dash cams are small and of low cost. It acts as an eyewitness with evidence in case of any mishaps or accidents. Also, dash cam footage comes in handy when you want to make memories for any road trip. You can also track where your car has tread if you lend it to someone else.

  • Rear View Camera

Most of us have had that bump when reversing the car haven’t, we? Rear view camera, combined with the touchscreen helps you see the area behind your car when backing up. You can get all visibility, without having to turn your head. The rear-view camera is mounted on the rear bumper and comes in handy when reversing in tight spaces or when treading through obstacles.

  • A New Sound System

A new sound system can improve the quality of your audio output in the car, massively. With endless choices, you can opt for a sound system as per your budget and feel the difference. A good sound system can also increase the value of your car.

  • Parking Sensors

Sensors placed in the car’s front and rear bumpers and make use of sound echo to calculate distance of car from nearby objects or pedestrians. Alerts are raised when the car moves closer to the obstacle. Parallel parking in tight spots can be addressed with no stress or tension.

These seven accessories come in a wide price range, helping the user’s budget and need. If you opt for accessories to just do their job and nothing fancy, these may cost you a few thousand rupees. If you don’t mind splurging money, you can get higher end models of these for few lakhs as well.

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