6 Useful Tips to Buy Used Car in India

Imagine getting all the ride comfort and aesthetics of your dream car at a reduced price?

Yes, you heard me right! Used car (secondhand car, pre-used car) can offer them both. Buying one may seem to be a challenge initially, but trusted online platforms, like Gaadi Bazaar, an initiative by Chola, makes the entire buying process smooth and easy. The following buying car guide will help you land your dream ride at a great deal.

  1. List Down Your Requirements

Do you want a hatchback, a Sedan, or an SUV? Is it for daily city use or for long road trips? Is it a long term investment for everyday use or a short term investment for learning? Everyone has a different need and so do you. Ask questions, do your homework and narrow down on the type, brand and model of car you want to buy.

  1. Begin Your Car Search Online

Start browsing trusted websites to begin your car search. offers you thousands of certified used cars to choose from. With a few clicks, you can get updated and unbiased details of the car. You can also bid your price at live vehicle auction platform for used vehicles on Gaadi Bazaar, which can be much cheaper than buying from a dealer or a private seller.

  1. Inspect and Check the Car

When you have found your choice of used car, contact the dealer or seller to take a look at the car. Ensure to check the exterior (dents, paint works, tires), the interior (electronics, air conditioner, locking system) and under the hood. An inspection by a car mechanic will give you an accurate picture and also a suggestion on the cost incurred for fixing or replacing parts, if needed. Gaadi Bazaar offers 100% certified used cars, taking the burden of inspecting and checking used cars off your shoulders.

  1. Test drive the Car

Take sharp turns to check the brakes, go for a bumpy ride to check the suspension and accelerate sufficiently to check the engine behavior at low and high speeds. Test drive multiple times, preferably by your friends and by a mechanic to leave no stone unturned.

  1. Check the Car’s History and documents

Run a vehicle history report to check for any prior problems, number of owners, accidents involved and registration details. Request car’s original papers, existing insurance policy, VIN number, engine number, and Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate. Gaadi Bazaar’s certified dealers do their verification of the car, helping you save time, effort and money.

  1. Negotiate the price

Be it a dealer or a private owner, there is always space for negotiation. It is good practice to compare the price of the same car with different dealers and owners. Gaadi Bazaar also offers best deals from certified buyers and easy loan assistance from Chola.

Benefits for buyers from Gaadi Bazaar:

  • Wide range of cars
  • Get best deals from certified buyers
  • Loan assistance available from Chola
  • 100% certified vehicles

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