6 Tips to maintain a used car

Almost 40 to 45 percentage of used cars are bought by people who are buying cars for the first time. That’s nearly 50% of all used car buyer.Is your first car a used car? Not sure how to maintain it right? Read on to gain knowledge on tips for second hand car maintenance.

Drive well:

Ah! It’s only a pre-owned car. I can press the throttle hard and stop instantly with heavy brakes. And yes, it was cheap, I can spare a few hits on the car as well, If you have these sorts of thoughts, it’s probably time for you to STOP! Treat your car like how you would treat a car that is driven out of a showroom for the first time. Accelerate smoothly and ensure perfect gear shifts. This will give your car a longer life.

Ensure proper fluids:

This is something even expert drivers are ignorant about. The engine oil, coolant, brake oils and other car essential fluid levels need to be checked at proper intervals. Good lubrication helps the car to operate without glitches. It ensures proper operation of vital processes in a car such as the engine and brakes. Now that you are reading this, think of when you last checked on your fluid levels. If you haven’t for sometime, you must do it ASAP.

Maintain the right tyre pressure:

Driving with improper tyre pressure levels can cost you much in the long run. Suspension acting weird? Cars handling seems not ok? These are some indications your car gives you to check and maintain the right tyre pressure. Low tyre pressure can cause several malfunctions in your car as it ages. High tyre pressure can cause lack of traction and make your car behave odd.

Turn off your engine when not needed:

Few years back there was an advertisement by the Government to ask drivers to turn off the engine at signals. Though the advertisement’s cause was to save fuel, it could potentially give your car a longer life. Good fuel efficiency is good medicine to your engine. It gives your engine longer life and ensures a smooth journey. Combine this with gentle acceleration and gentle braking to feel a difference in your car rides.

Get the simple things right:

Try to get these three small things done. First: It does not cost you much to regularly clean your vehicle. The cons are huge as it keeps your car fresh from dirt and keeps away corrosion. To keep the interiors clean, keep the windows shut while driving. It keeps away unwanted dust from your otherwise clean looking interiors. Second: Some owners use their car as a storeroom, which does not help in car maintenance. Remove unnecessary baggage from your car as it reduces fuel efficiency and increases pressure on engine. Third: You must give your cars frequent intervals of rest during long rides. . This allows your engine to cool down and not get overheated.

Know the warning lights in your car:

Warning lights that blink indicate a problem in your car that you need to address immediately. These lights come in three different colours: green or blue, yellow or orange and red. Green or blue lights indicate that the car is working fine and all systems are well. Yellow or orange lights remind you to get your car serviced for a possible issue that can service your car. Orange or red lights require immediate attention, and your car must be taken to a service station at the earliest.

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